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Missouri State
Laws & Codes

Missouri State Constitution 
Missouri Revised Statutes
Missouri Rules of Court
Missouri Supreme Court Juvenile Rule 129., Family Court Commissioners

§ 211.421 Endangering the Welfare of a Child
§ 211.464 Foster parent and others may present evidence

§ 337-736 Confidentiality Exceptions
§ 211.447 Petition to Terminate Parental Rights

§ 210.165 Penalties for § 210.110 to § 210.165, including penalty for false C&N report
§ 210.110 Definitions

Missouri State

Office of the Governor 
Missouri State Senate 
Missouri House of Reps. 
Missouri Legislative Joint Cmt. 
Office of Attorney General 
Missouri Secretary of State 
Department of Revenue 
Department of Health 
Dept. of Social Services 
Division of Family Services  

  DFS Research and Evaluation Unit
  DFS Jackson County


Missouri Supreme Court 
Ofc.of State Courts Adm. 
Missouri Appeals Courts 
U.S. Eighth Circuit 
16 Judicial Circuit, Jackson County
  16th Circuit, present organization

Missouri Bar Association  

American Bar Association

Missouri Forms

Form 1402B - Income and Expenses
Form 14 - Child Support Calculation (.pdf)
Instructions for Form 14

Missouri Law Schools 

U. of Missouri - Columbia 
UMKC - Kansas City 
St. Louis University 
Washington University


U.S. Supreme Court
U. S. Courts of Appeals
U.S. House U.S.Senate
U.S. Code, Searchable
CFR, Searchable
Federal Register
US Dept. of Health & Human Ser.
Dept. of Justice

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act - 42 USC 5101 et seq; 42 USC 5116 et seq.

Adoption and Safe Families Act 1997
Summary of Adoption and Safe Families Act

Child Welfare Law as amended by the Adoption & Safe Families Act

Sue via US Title 42 § 1983

United States Supreme Court Parental Rights Caselaw

Troxel v. Granville
an important US Supreme Court decision regarding parental rights

Pro Family

Abusive Child Protection
Justice for Families
Transformation of an Institution
Missouri VOCAL
American Family Advocacy
Family Alert
What if CPS is eliminated... what then?
The Truth About Children's Protective Services
CPS Tricks
New Hampshire's Kidnappers
Paula’s Page
Baby Brokering
Falsely Accused Parents
Tyranny in Wenatchee
Lifting the Veil
National Coalition for Child Protection Reform
Parental-Rights from Washington
Your Child Is A Gov't. Commodity
Fight CPS & Win
CP Reform, Yahoo group
Day Care Child Sex Abuse Phenomenon
Adoption 2002
Can you imagine(1)?
DCYF Information
Bad Mom
Taking Liberties in NYC
South Carolina Advocates for Pregnant Women
Methadone in Pregnancy
Linda Prosh anti-CPS Cartoons

CPS Watch


Find Law Dictionary
Nolo Dictionary Dictionary
Legal Dictionary, Duhaime
Legal Lexicon, 'Letric
Legal Encyclopedia, Cornell

Legal Information Institute, Cornell

Legal Search Engines & Reference

Missouri State and City by UMKC Law
National Clearinghouse Child A&N

DSM-IV Criteria for Mental Disorders
(CPS agencies frequently use these dioagnoses against parents in court.)

News (discussion) Groups


Commissioner John F. Payne - Div. 41
Commissioner Geoffrey Allen - Div. 40
Commissioner Molly M. Merrigan - Div. 44
Judge J.D. Williamson, Jr. - Div. 11
Judge Edith L. Messina - Div. 12
Judge W. Stephen Nixon - Div. 5

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