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Hi, I'm Susan.

I had a perfect baby boy 22 months ago at Kansas University (KU) Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas. I named him Blaze. I was so happy, but I also became sick. Much of the placenta remained inside of me, and I became weak and weaker (a month later I almost died). Soon after Blaze's birth, the Missouri Department of Social Services, Division of Family Services (DFS) took our baby. They took him from the hospital before we could bring him home. They said it was only temporary. They said it didn't look as if I could care for a newborn, and Nehmo, my husband, would be occupied caring for me. The official reason for taking Blaze was that he was "drug exposed." I had been taking legally prescribed methadone for 19 years, and KU itself gave me a dose four hours prior to the delivery. (As it was expected, it showed up in Blaze's system.)

There were no illegal drugs of any kind in Blaze's or my system, and nobody contends that there were.

In the beginning we believed the DFS workers' assurances that keeping Blaze in a foster house was temporary, and we thought cooperating with DFS was appropriate. We didn't realize what was happening, and the social workers seemed nice.

Blaze is now almost two years old, and the social workers only seemed nice. The DFS workers, particularly Traci Beck and Julie Eubanks, have lied and cheated repeatedly. Their purpose is to steal our baby. They can't be trusted whatsoever, and they see their job in life as to take as many babies as they can from whomever they can. They are particularly interested in our baby.

It's been very hard on us, and Nehmo is still fighting, but I can't participate anymore. Five months ago I (with planning) became pregnant again. I didn't want DFS to know, but they somehow found out. The DFS "psychologist," Jane Davis, during sessions, kept badgering me on the question: "Tell me if you're pregnant," she asked again and again. I decided I had to leave the state to keep them from taking our next baby.

I didn't see that I had any choice.

I Love my baby Blaze.


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